How can I edit my team name?

On the league page buttom right where it says Account Settings section

How to leave a league?

On the league page bottom right where it says 'Settings' section. Click on Settings and it takes you to the settings page. If the draft order has not been set yet, then you can leave the league but clicking the Leave button. The league admin also has a league settings section where they can remove members.

How do you add members of a private league if they already have an account?

On the league page bottom right where it says League Settings section. Click on Settings and it takes you to the settings page. You can add a member who has an account via their email address.

How many players in a league?

It is currently set to 6. But we are looking to change have 6 or 8 teams in the future.

What is the football lineup?

There is 7 active roster spots (1 QB/1 RB/ 2 WR/ 1 Flex/ 1 TE/ 1 K) and 3 bench spots.

Do you draft defenses?

Not at this time. We plan on adding it in 2024.

How does the Draft work?

It is a live draft but you can auto draft as and individual as well. However, you need at least one person in the draft room to kick off the live draft. You can also change your league to Auto draft in the league settings. It will use you preselected Pre Draft list to draft the player you want.

How does the wavier wire work? How do you add and drop players?

Waiver wire is pick up anyone you want, there is no priority at this time. Waivers close before game time and reopen Monday at 4 pm ET.

How do you make trades and waiver pick ups?

When your lineup is open, there will be a link to waiver pickups and trades.

Where do we get the breakdown of rules of the league?

On the league page buttom left where it says Account settings section. It will show you the league scoring set by the league manager.

How do the playoffs work?

Playoffs start week 9. You can't adjust it at this time.

Is the Site Optimized for Laptop/PC or Mobile Devices?

The News Hub Fantasy site is best experienced on a laptop or PC, particularly for activities like drafting. While the site can be accessed on mobile devices, the layout and features are more comfortably navigated on larger screens.

Offline Draft Process for 6-Team Leagues

For leagues with 6 teams that are conducting an offline draft, a spreadsheet will be provided. This spreadsheet allows teams to view and select players, facilitating the offline draft process.

Deleting A League

Admins can delete their league before the draft takes place.

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